Seb - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

On a day much like this, not so many moons ago, Seb came into this world and let out the first of many epic wails. A songwriter and a force to be reckoned with.

Kian / "Scoob" - Lead Guitar

The person who took this photo risked their life to get close enough to Scoob to take this shot. The photographer was luckily wearing an anti-face-melting mask to protect from the incredible solos being shredded on Scoob's Fender.

Dylan / "Yak" - Bass Guitar

This is Yak our lefty bassist. We're not saying he's related to Flea but we're not denying it either. The next time you hear the rolling thunder in the distance, listen closely - it's probably a bass riff and it's probably pulsing from his amp.

Marc - Drums

Marc's grooves are just so groovy that your body will start to move on its own if left unsupervised. He's like a Pied Piper, but with sticks.